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Race with Team RTS in 2016


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Racing in the Mini Challenge

In recent years the Mini Challenge has become the most prolific club level series attracting novices and experienced drivers alike. All classes are a level playing field providing wheel to wheel racing all the way through the pack. Fun to race, fun to watch and fantastic value for money. Join us for 2016.

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The Cooper class car is a naturally aspirated 1600cc engine re-mapped to an exciting new level. We have two Cooper's for 2016 race prepped and ready to go with a third car available for one off appearances! Our racing budget is structured for a low cost arrive and drive and excellent customer service.

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Cooper S

The Cooper S is the next level up with its 1600cc Turbo Charged engine. If you own your own car we can offer you a complete service and our budget is structured so you can enjoy the benefits of arrive and drive without the hasstle of maintaining and transporting the car.

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The JCW car with it's 2 litre turbocharged engine and sequencial gearbox is top of the range in Mini Challenge. We have been involved with this car since its conception and once again if you own your own car we can offer you a complete arrive and drive package leaving you to enjoy hasstle free racing.

If you are lucky enough to already be racing but need to learn a circuit out of class and gain essential seat time or more experience then our cars are available for one off events with full trackside support from our own mechanics and engineers. Arrive and drive, let us worry about everything else.

Race with the best Team RTS - Call us now to secure your drive.